Sunday, October 31, 2010


Hi everyone!
First of all I can’t tell you how happy I am to be back in the web after such a long time and after so many requests from friends and family.
I’m a wife, mother of three beautiful children and a pharmacist.
It is not accident that I put my profession as the very last heading of the list: I’m a little fed up with this job that in Italy, where I’m living at the moment, is not rewarding at all and offers to pharmacists too little in terms of chances of expressing themeselves in an appropriate way.
I’m not just presuming things: I know what I’m writing because I’ve lived and worked as a pharmacist - and happy to be one - in Dublin for more than six years.

Since lately I just can’t be passionate about my profession and kids are growing fast - just today my youngest took his first steps on his own! - I decided to dedicate some of my very little spare time to my two real passions: food and writing.
And that’s how my blog was born.
A funny name that has a meaning, it is infact the revisited italian feminine of Jamie Oliver, definitely my favourite chef and without a doubt my food muse.
In conclusion, the purpose of this virtual recipes book is to collect my dishes and ideas for table settings - both for everyday meals and special occasions - and make them accessible to everyone.
Since it is true indeed that "anyone can cook", but also that "anyone can make mistakes" I like to emphasize that as the greatest violinist every so often can play the wrong notes, so the most renowned chef can make a slip.
What really matters is to put feelings in whatever you’re cooking and, of course, to enjoy your meal!